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How to grow gorgeous nails

What is it about biting your nails that makes it such a hard habit to break?

Nail biting is a very ingrained habit that you usually don’t even think about until after you are already biting your nails. As a result it is not so easy to just suddenly stop biting your nails.

Sometimes you are not even conscious of doing it, then all of a sudden once you realise you are biting your nails – it too late, you’ve already chewed off too much of the nail.

And that is the problem, nail biting is so unconscious, you do it without even noticing.

You may bite your nails in times of stress or excitement, or sometimes in times of boredom or inactivity. Sometimes you could be involved in another activity, such as reading, talking on the phone or watching TV and will still bite your nails without even realising it. So absent-mindedly you have just chewed your nails into that ugly painful condition again.

You might even have made a conscious decision to stop but nothing happens. The habit goes on regardless of how many times you have decided to stop.

This is because the cure has to happen a different way. The decision to stop biting your nails has to take place at an unconscious level. Nail biting is nothing more than a habit and habits can be overcome.

Nail biting is usually a painful and irritating habit left over from childhood and most people stop automatically. However some people hold on to this habit and need help to stop. Hypnosis can be that help.

So stop feeling embarrassed of your nails and hide your hands. Finally there is a solution. Through hypnosis, nail biting is very easy to treat and will make a world of difference in your life.

For most people biting their nails is a life-long habit but the duration of the problem is irrelevant in terms of resolving it.

It may even seem trivial to those who do not suffer with it on a daily basis. Others seem to think solving the problem is quite simple – keep your fingers out of your mouth.  However if you are a compulsive nail biter, this is not so easy.

Nail biting is a very destructive and addictive habit. According to research almost 50% of all the people in the world who are under the age of 18 have a nail biting habit. It is important that these people receive help so that the habit does not continue as the years pass.

Nail biting is usually a habit associated with children. However when this habit carries over in adulthood it becomes part of your behavioural pattern. It is unhygienic and unsightly and makes you self-conscious and unhappy with yourself.

Signs and symptoms of nail biting are:

Fingernails that are miss-shaped

Bleeding cuticles

Fingertips that are red and sore

Infection around the nails

Tooth and gum problems

Nail biting does have a physical impact on your body but it also has an emotional impact. It is common to feel guilty or sometimes ashamed whenever you are reminded of your habit. Take heart in the fact that it is definitely an unconscious behaviour. 

Nail biting is one of the more common methods that people use to relieve stress and tension. Some people bite their nails when they are nervous or tense or in a stressful situations. Nail biting is also known as one of the typical nervous habits.

So whether you can remember when you first started biting your nails, or whether it is something you have always done, the consequences are far reaching. It will leave your nails looking charred and ugly. You could be exposing your fingers to a variety of diseases and could ultimately need medical care and treatment.

It is very important that you invest in a Stress Management Programme. The more relaxed you become the easier it will be stop your nail biting habit.

Serenity has an absolutely wonderful stress management programme as well as a great Relaxation Exercise. One of the most important things you can do for your body and mind as well as aiding in dealing with nail biting is to practise relaxation. The more relaxed you are the easier it will be.

Almost everyone suffers from excess stress and what is important is how we learn to cope with it. Our reaction to stress factors, whether positive or negative will determine the state our body and mind will be in when dealing with stress.

Most people find it a life changing experience once they know how to deal with stress. A bonus of course when you use serenity’ relaxation exercise is that you also learn instant relaxation.

It would also be a good idea to try and notice when you bite your nails the most. Do you tend to bite your nails more when you are stressed, tired, hungry or uncomfortable? If you know what makes you tend to bite your nails, it will help you to try and prevent it.

Get a professional manicure. Sometimes it is easier to stop biting your nails when they look really good. Always carry a nail file with your. People are more likely to bite their nails if they find a jagged edge. Carrying a nail file allows you to take care of it immediately and reduces the likelihood of you biting them,

You can also knit or crochet or if you can’t learn to. Usually when you hands are occupied, you forget to bite your nails. Reward yourself for everyday you didn’t bit your nails. It can help to keep you motivated not to bite your nails and keep them looking beautiful.

There are plenty of ideas out there to try and stop nail-biting behaviour. Some of them involve putting a bad tasting substance on fingernails or wearing gloves. Some even suggest using your will power, but none of them work for long, if at all. Compulsive nail biters can’t seem to stop, no matter what they try or what other people have helpfully suggested. This makes them want to give up, except they would really like to stop the habit.

People who bite their nails compulsively have no real idea that they are doing it. In other words everything is happening at an unconscious level.

Of course when they look at their hands they can see that their nails are damaged and are usually embarrassed about how their hands look with those super-short fingernails.  These things are all forgotten once the urge to bite their nails comes upon them.

To stop this habit you have to change your subconscious, which insist on carrying on with the habit. The Stop Nail Biting Therapy communicates directly with your subconscious mind and helps you to change your pattern of behaviour. Often people are not aware when they bite their nails. Hypnosis will make you aware, change the desire or need, and allow you to stop biting your nails.

Hypnosis has been proved to be one of the most straightforward and effective ways of getting people to stop nail biting. When you cure nail biting properly, the urge to bite your nails disappear – it is simply no struggle. 

You will also become more confident. So you can expect changes in your self-confidence as well as your nail-biting habit.

The positive results are rewarding and satisfying. Your nails will grow stronger and longer and you will feel good about yourself and very proud of your achievement.  At long last your choice to stop biting your nails is a real one.

There is a world of change waiting for you but it is up to you to take the first step.

No more suffering in silence – you CAN stop biting your nails

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