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How to fall asleep and stay asleep

We have all being there, tossing and turning, getting up, watching a bit of TV or maybe reading a little and then back to bed for some more tossing and turning.

Occasionally we have fallen asleep only to wake up two or three hours later unable to go back to sleep. I am sure that many times you have been frustrated and asked yourself, “What is going on here?”

If this is happening to you, then you are probably suffering from insomnia. Insomnia is a symptom of a sleeping disorder characterised by persistent difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep. Most insomniacs usually complain about being unable to close their eyes or “rest their minds” for more than a few minutes at a time.

And as you are probably aware by now that once you have gone without proper sleep for 5 to 6 days you’ll want nothing more in the world than a good night sleep. Anyone suffering from insomnia has one simple goal, to fall asleep and stay asleep for the entire night if possible.

Suffering from insomnia means much more than just getting proper sleep – it can lead to serious health issues. It can make you feel tired, depressed and irritable and makes it hard to concentrate during the day. Unfortunately when you suffer from insomnia you are unable to get the rest you need so badly.

The most common forms of insomnia are the inability to get to sleep and the inability to maintain sleep. When either or both these conditions become chronic, they can easily affect your ability to cope and your overall capacity to effectively function in our everyday activities.

I am sure that right now all you want to do is break the cycle of insomnia and sleep deeply each and every night. Well the good news is that this condition can easily be corrected through hypnosis.

Years of conditioning plus the typical racing mind syndrome all contribute to make it feel as if insomnia cure is impossible. But it is not. Hypnosis is very effective in curing chronic insomnia. The brain is a expert at having insomnia so if you want to have a good night sleep, you need to change the way the subconscious mind works. The only way to do this is through hypnosis.

Imagine what a relief that will be. No pills, no drugs, no worries, just a peaceful and serene state where you drift off easily into dreamland.

There are a lot of issues that can affect your sleep pattern.

Sometimes a change in a person’s lifestyle could be responsible for your insomnia. Anything that suddenly changes your lifestyle and become the sole focus of your attention can affect your sleeping pattern really badly.

It could be a new job, moving or relationship problems. You could be worrying about something that will occur the next day or some important issue going on in your life. All of this can disrupt your sleep during the night.

Another basic cause of insomnia is night-time interruptions. Noisy neighbours, crying babies or just having to use the bathroom a lot during the night can lead to sleeping problems. Stress and anxiety, depression, shift work and pain are major causes of insomnia. Any of these things could cause your inability to sleep.

But whatever the cause you’re going to need to treat it soon. If you are not getting at least 3 hours uninterrupted sleep each night, then your body simply isn’t resting properly and problems will appear.

When you have insomnia you usually start worrying early in the day about whether or not you are actually going to be able to sleep that night. And once you didn’t have a good night sleep you worry even more about sleeping the next night and this makes the problem even worse. Worrying about insomnia creates insomnia.

Sleep is a delicate phenomenon – it cannot be forced; only encouraged. In fact, all we can really do is wait for it to happen by itself. Because of this it is highly susceptible to disruption. And because of this the moment it becomes contaminated by anxiety, sleep becomes more elusive.

Whatever else is contributing to your insomnia, the biggest cause is lack of relaxation. If you can relax completely at night time you will fall asleep – it is as simple as that.

Things that can help you.

You could fill in a sleep dairy. This diary could help you keep track of when you go to bed, how long before you fall asleep and how often you wake up during the night. A diary can help you identify patterns and conditions that could affect your sleep.

Also keep in mind that sleeping pills does not cure insomnia. They are only temporary relief and continuous use could be unsafe if you have health problems.

Suffering from stress could seriously affect your ability to sleep so it is important for you to invest in a Stress Management Programme. Serenity has an absolutely wonderful Stress Management Programme as well as a great Relaxation Exercise.

Almost everyone suffers from excess stress and what is important is how we learn to cope with it. Our reaction to stress factors, whether positive or negative will determine the state our body and mind will be in when dealing with stress. One of the most important things you can do for your body and mind as well as aiding your insomnia is to practise relaxation.

The more relaxed you are the easier you will be able to fall asleep. Most people find it a life changing experience once they know how to deal with stress.

Don’t take naps during the day and go to bed at the same time every night, including weekends. This helps train your body to sleep at night.

Use the bedroom for sleeping. Don’t watch TV, eat or talk on the phone in the bedroom. Make sure the bedroom is quiet and dark.

Now you’re probably wondering how hypnosis can help you sleep like a baby every night.

Well, one of the most common aspects of insomnia is that people complain that their mind is racing when they are trying to fall asleep or that they simply can’t relax enough to get to sleep in the first place.

When the conscious mind is busy with worrying, fear, and anger it has a hard time letting go of its conscious processing. When you listen to the insomnia therapy the hypnotic suggestions will encourage your mind to give up its old habit of useless worrying while in bed. It will reduce anxiety and create a deep state of relaxation conductive to the onset of sleep.

In other words the therapy will help you to take control and re-educate your mind into relaxing easily into sleep. It’s easy and it works because it creates a trigger in your subconscious mind that you can use to go to sleep and stay asleep.

Hypnosis also relaxes your body creating an even more peace and serene state. This therapy will not only be effective for helping you fall asleep and stay asleep; it also helps you develop good sleeping habits.

If you are trying to cure insomnia, you’ve probably been trying for a long time. This therapy will help you break the cycle of insomnia and sleep deeply each and every night. At long last you can look forward to waking up in the morning feeling refreshed and energetic.

So toss out the sleeping pills and teach your brain how to drift off into dreamland.



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