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Why is losing Weight so hard?

Why is losing weight so hard? The first thing you need to ask yourself is: “Do I need to lose weight?” Let me ask you some questions:

Are you more than 17 pounds or 8 kilograms overweight?

Are you often hungry in the morning or in the afternoon?

Do you eat sweets at least twice a day?

Is your excess weighty mostly located in the stomach and hip area, but not so much in the chest and arms?

Are you often hungry at night?

Do you use a lot of salt on your food?

Has there been a time when your body was nice and slim?

If you answer “Yes” to just one of these questions, then you definitely need to lose weight, and what better way to start than using Serenity Hypnosis wonderful Weight Loss Therapy.

Another question I would like you to consider is: “How long did your diet for?” Research shows that 85% of people who diet never reach their goal weight. There must be a meaningful explanation as to why it is apparently so hard to lose weight. The fact of the matter is that there are a number of important reasons why people find it so hard to lose weight.

First we have to look at why we gain or lose weight. Losing and gaining weight are regulatory mechanisms the body uses to deal with the changing supply of food. Gaining weight is actually preparing for bad times. When the organism is supplied with lots of food then the fat cells store energy in the form of fat. This cause them to swell more so that fat deposits are available in times of hunger.

Another reason for storing fat is that during the ups and downs of stress and relaxation they provide the fuel. This enables the body to feel stimulated, concentrated and able to handle stress. The storing of energy in the fat cells is a necessary process. During times of stress and physical strain, fat reserves are set free to be burned.

Of course being overweight are often simply the consequences of bad eating habits especially during childhood. Chips, hamburgers and sweets cause excessive build-up of fat cells.

Did you know that people overeat or crave sweet foods because they have been conditioned to? One reason for failing on a diet is a learnt behaviour. There have probably been many occasions on which you’ve overeaten. As a child you could have been told to eat everything that was on your plate. Never mind all the encouragement to eat all kinds of junk food.

Apart from influences of this kind, there are other important factors leading to overeating. Such factors are emotional disturbances like parent separation, divorce, death or entering a new country. Emotional factors are one of the biggest causes leading to weight gain.

Under these stress situations the person feels certain strong emotions, like being not wanted, left out, unattractive and so on. It is likely for the person to seek more sugary foods under stress since blood sugar levels tends to be continually pushed up.

Whatever you think in your mind influences your body functions. If the stress coincides with adolescence, childbirth, being on the pill or antidepressants, weight gain is more likely. Just a feeling of depression can relate to overeating and there are many other factors unrelated to weight, which affects us.

The mind is like a computer and all the experiences we’ve had in our life are stored in the memory. Let’s say for example a child has learned to eat to relax – that habit of eating to relax will still be here today in the adult. This person will still eat to relax whenever they get tense or uptight.

The reason for this is that because of our experiences, certain ideas are formulated in the mind. Basically like a computer that’s programmed. This program determines our behaviour.

If the experience is a situation of stress, the mind will store conclusions in the memory. The purpose would be to avoid further situations of stress. This programme for behaviour is laid down subconsciously and can continue even up to this point in time, like the example of the child that eats to relax whenever they get tense or uptight.

See how easy it is for the mind to be programmed literally “not to be thin.” That is why although many people tell themselves consciously that they must stop overeating, subconsciously they are programmed to overeat.

On top of this there are usually strong forces from society putting further pressure on you. Possibly making you feel unattractive or left out.

The big question now is what can we do? Can this programming of the subconscious mind be erased and replaced by a better programme? And the good news is, “Yes it can!” It can be done while you are in the state of hypnosis. The mind can be conditioned or reprogrammed in the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis.

Stop going around in circles trying to lose weight. Hypnosis is a very powerful tool for weight loss because it helps you build new healthy habits. This makes it a very easy and natural weight loss programme and the end result is permanent weight loss and better health.

A starving body doesn’t help you lose weight. What is important is to feed the body the right food to encourage the loss of weight and maintain good health. The emphasis of Serenity Hypnosis WEIGHT LOSS Therapy is to eat good quality food not only to lose weight but also to have better health.

Whatever you think in your mind influences your body functions. Your mind is the controller of your eating preferences, your eating cycles, when you eat, your emotions and all the factors related to your weight condition. It is your mind, which controls overeating, compulsive dieting, and the image you have of yourself, your confidence and also your desire to lose weight and stay thinner.

Your subconscious mind has the power to end your struggle with food. You already have all these resources in your subconscious mind. All you need is the Weight loss therapy.  Through hypnosis weight loss is faster, quicker and easier.

The WEIGHT LOSS therapy will make you more determined and motivate you to succeed. You will start eating healthy and the excess weight will drop off. A lot of people struggle to maintain a healthy diet – hypnosis can give you the boost you need to eat right, do exercise and lose weight permanently.  Losing weight will become easy and your health will get a huge boost. 

You achieve permanent weight loss by changing yourself and once you start using the WEIGHT LOSS therapy you can’t return to overeating habits and bad thoughts, if you wish to stay thinner.

Instead of having to force yourself to eat healthy food you feel like doing the things that are good for you. You feel like eating healthy food and instead forcing yourself to exercise you do so happily and eagerly. 

  • Lose weight fast, quick and easy
  • Keep to your diet and exercise programme
  • Increase your motivation to lose weight
  • Find healthy food delicious
  • Feel better and look amazing
  • Simple and easy weight loss secret
  • Losing weight is simply no struggle
  • Be delighted at your permanent weight loss

If you want permanent weight loss, use hypnosis. It is a proven very successful and effective weight loss method. Hypnosis is a quick, easy and natural way to lose weight and keep it off.

Did you know that just listening to the Weight Loss therapy is already a giant step for you towards a happier and more beautiful life? When you want to lose weight everything you do counts. Whether you are planning a meal, taking vitamins or supplements, or listening to the Weight Loss Therapy, it all adds up to your final change and success.

Things that can help you:

  • People who have trouble losing weight frequently suffer from stress and anxiety as well so it is important to invest in a Stress Management Programme. Serenity Hypnosis has a wonderful STRESS MANAGEMENT Programme as well as a great RELAXATION EXERCISE.  Almost everyone suffers from excess stress and what is important is how we learn to cope with it. The more relaxed you are the easier you’ll be able to lose weight.


  • Diet is an essential key to losing weight. The diet you select depends on how much time you wish to invest in your personal weight loss programme. Your diet should be nutritionally sound and take popular meals in between in consideration. Sensible diets have been formulated from the most up to date research literature on the metabolism of fat, so your body has the right food chemicals to enable faster fat breakdown. Sensible eating, food high in vitamins, balanced in nutrition with lots of fibre will not only lose the weight, it will facilitate all body functions. Keep to good food, it is not only sensible for losing weight, it is also essential for good health. A starving body doesn’t help you lose weight. What is important is to feed the body the right food to encourage the loss of weight and maintain good health. The emphasis of Serenity Hypnosis Weight Loss Programme is to eat good quality food not only to lose weight but also to have better health. Using the weight loss therapy will help you gain control over your eating but it is also your responsibility to do the things that help you lose weight.


  • It is important to consider exercise. Has it ever happened to you that within a few days of finishing on a diet you followed strictly, you are back to your old weight? Why? Because with traditional weight loss diets you almost exclusively lose water – which you promptly take up again afterwards. To be able to lose weight permanently, you need to burn fat. Healthy exercise is vital to any weight loss programme. You should be willing to invest a little exercise for your dream body. Short gymnastic exercises for rear and stomach can fit in any schedule. You can engage in endurance exercise such a jogging or riding a bicycle. The body burns carbohydrates and fat. But please be careful, don’t overdo it – rather build up slowly.


  • Also keep in mind that you will need vitamin supplements. It’s true that unless you reduce your calorie intake you won’t lose weight. The only problem is that in reducing your food intake you also reduce your vitamin intake. You need a higher vitamin intake when dieting. These vital substances effect chemical reactions essential to breaking down fat and energy production. The most effective vitamin supplements can be found in almost any health shop. Visit your local health shop and ask their advice.


Make a firm decision to lose weight right now. Make a firm decision that you really want to lose weight. This time you are losing weight - no matter what. Make no excuses, losing weight is your number one priority.

At the end of the day it’s you who’s responsible for putting yourself on a nutritionally sound diet and listening to the Weight Loss Therapy. It’s no use saying you haven’t got the time. If you want the programme to work you need to find the time to listen to the therapy.

Always reward yourself. You are shaping up a new set of behaviours. Confidence, more exercise and a different self image. Reward yourself with lots or praise and non-food rewards for all the positive steps you’ve taken in the direction of losing weight and becoming the real you.

Remember everything you do to lose weight counts. Every small change is important. For example slowing down the rate at which you eat to allow your stomach to “tell” your brain that you’ve had enough food. Or filling out a chart, planning a meal, taking vitamins and supplements, listening to the weight loss therapy - all those things when done, add up to your final change and success.

The real answer to losing weight and keeping it off, is taking vitamin supplements, using a nutritionally sound diet, doing some exercise and most importantly conditioning your mind. It is easy to lose weight when you do the right thing.

Imagine being able to walk past a cake shop without even realizing it! Imagine having thoughts come back to you during the day stopping you from overeating and keeping you on your diet!

You achieve permanent weight loss by changing yourself and once you start on Serenity Hypnosis Weight Loss Therapy you can’t return to overeating habits and bad thoughts if you wish to stay thinner.


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