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Hypnotic induction

Techniques to go into Hypnosis

The process a hypnotist uses to help a person into hypnosis is called a hypnotic induction. This can be done in various ways and this technique is merely a way of assisting a person to achieve the hypnotic state. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis and the hypnotist is just the facilitator, which sets the situation that makes it possible for the person to go into hypnosis.

There are basically two techniques.

The OPEN EYE induction technique - usually involves a spiral or torch, an eye blinking method or an arm drop.

The CLOSED EYE induction technique - requires the subject’s eyes to be closed all the time. This could be counting numbers, imagining colours or a relaxation technique. 

Serenity Hypnosis makes use of a closed eye induction and a countdown method.